Designing an Evolution Website | STAO Connex by Ana Pereira Neves

Wix is a technology tool that allows students to design creative, engaging, and interactive websites using class content.

Technology Focus: Website Design using

Level: This tool provides teachers and students with many simple tutorials that highlight its features.  Some prior knowledge of website design is useful, but not required to use this tool.


Wix can be used in different units in the science curriculum as an assessment of learning tool.  This resource will specifically demonstrate the use of Wix as an assessment of learning tool in the evolution unit of the SBI3U course.

Tool Highlights

Students can design a creative, engaging, and interactive website using course content.  Students can add videos, images and galleries, different pages, and slideshows to their websites.


Big Ideas

  • Evolution is the process of biological change over time based on the relationships between species and their environment
  • The theory of evolution is a scientific explanation based on a large accumulation of evidence

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Source: Designing an Evolution Website | STAO Connex