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My journey in creating and developing a STEAM classroom started in 2012.  The video posted was filmed at STAO2012.  The demonstration was a simple task where we build a grape masher and have STAO participants try out the device, ask questions, and develop an activity they can bring back to their classroom.  This video shows a start on how you introduce STEAM in your classroom.  After using a prebuilt grape masher, students can redesign the grape masher and improve a variety of variables of their choosing e.g., speed, force, etc.

Fast forward to 2015.  Thanks to an NSERC grant, Project Innovation participants were given a box filled with tools and materials.  The task was to bring the box back into the classroom and use it.  My catalyst was to demonstrate how a box of tools and materials could be used to improve student learning by applying what they have learned in a design challenge.  The design challenge was to build a water filter to remove particulate from a water sample.

by Florence Ho

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Source: Creating a STEAM Classroom | STAO Connex