Controversial Topics in Biology – Using Google Forms (to create surveys) and PollEverywhere (live polling)


In this assignment, student will do background research about a controversial issue in Biology. They will then create a 12-15question survey using Google forms which they will give to approximately 30 people. The idea is to compare two groups of people. For example, the student could compare the opinion of students in grade 10 who had not experienced dissection vs. senior science students about when & whether students should dissect in school. The data collected using Google forms can be used to automatically generate graphs to display the results of the survey. The student will then consider the results of the survey with their background research and either submit a short report (summary, data, recommendation) or do a class presentation. If they are doing a class presentation, the expectation would be that they use the website polleverywhere to collect some live data on a couple of key questions.

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