STAO2023 Conference – Regulations for All Exhibitors

STAO2023 Conference – Regulations for All Exhibitors

No application will be considered complete until the following are received by STAO: i. the insurance certificate (see #4 below) and
ii. the Live Animals declaration if applicable (see #13).

1. Contract
The following rules and regulations become binding upon acceptance of this contract between the applicants, their employees, and agents and the STAO2023 Conference Planning Committee, with any additions and amendments that may hereafter be established or put into effect by the Conference management. All matters and questions not specifically covered by this contract shall be subject to the decision of the STAO2023 Conference Planning Committee.

2. Payment and Cancellations
Payment of a $500 non-refundable deposit (per exhibitor/per booth) is required to guarantee booth space due before May 8, 2023 Payment in full is required by May 31, 2023. Booth space will be reserved upon receipt of deposit, but booth number assignment will not be given until full payment is received. Cancellations must be received in writing by June 30, 2023, to receive a refund minus the deposit. The date upon which the notice of cancellation is received shall apply as the official date of cancellation. Upon notification of cancellation, STAO2023 has the right to resell the space vacated. No refunds will be made after July 1, 2023, Cheques are to be made payable to STAO. Payments must be made in Canadian Funds. Exhibitors will be responsible for any charges incurred on payments made in foreign currency.

3. Exhibit Standards
STAO2023 shall have the right to prohibit any exhibit or part of an exhibit, which in their opinion is not suitable to, or in keeping with, the character or purpose of the Conference. All exhibitors must use tables provided, in keeping with health and safety standards as well as the insurance policy. Exhibit booths must be staffed during exhibit hours by persons who are well prepared to explain, courteously and effectively, all products and services on display. Each exhibitor must wear an official exhibitor’s identification badge.

4. Liability and Insurance
Exhibit space is assigned with the understanding that neither the Conference management, the sponsoring Associations and Societies, STAO2023 nor other organizations or persons connected with this Conference are to be held responsible for loss, damage, or injury to the exhibitor or to the exhibitor’s employees or property, from any cause whatsoever prior to, during or after the period covered by the Exhibit Space Contract. Exhibitors agree to maintain such insurance that will fully protect the Conference management from all claims under the Workers’ Compensation Act, and for personal injury, including death, which may arise in connection with the installation, operation or dismantling of the exhibitor’s display. Exhibitors must provide a certificate of insurance, showing liability limits and naming the Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario as an additional named insured.

5. Safety
The exhibitor assumes responsibility for compliance with local and provincial ordinances and regulations covering fire, safety, and health.

6. Shipping, Storage, and Transfer
The exhibitor agrees to ship, at his or her own expense and risk, all articles to be exhibited. Temporary pre-Conference storage and transfer may be arranged with Humber College. The arrangement and costs of such services are the responsibility of the exhibitor. The exhibitor is to clearly label packages with the assigned booth number(s).
Return shipping needs (materials and instructions) are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and should be organized by the exhibitor with Humber College in advance of departure.

7. Display Contractor
As indicated on the Application form, booths are furnished. If additional furniture is required, it must be arranged and rented directly from STAO2023 by May 31, 2023.

8. Exhibit Location
Exhibits will be in Humber College. An exhibitor’s lounge will be provided at a location convenient to the Exhibit Halls. Regular sessions may be held in other rooms within the College.

9. Exhibit Hours, Installation, and Removal of Exhibits
Booths will be ready for installation of exhibits at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, August 15, 2023.
Exhibit hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday.
Exhibitors are not to dismantle their booth until August 17, 2023, after 4:00 PM. A penalty of $200.00 will be assessed to any company or organization that dismantles their exhibit prior to the established closing time of the Exhibits Hall.
Please see Exhibitors’ Prospectus for more information.

10. Exhibit Booths
Exhibit booths are 8’ deep x 10’ wide. Each booth is complete with high back walls with 3’ side wing dividers and draped panels. A furniture package consisting of a 6’table and 2 chairs are available as outlined on the application. Additional furniture is available directly through STAO2023 and should be arranged in advance. Electrical services may be offered at STAO2023 and should be arranged for in advance. Commercial booth rental fee includes a security guard at night. Specially built back walls may not exceed an overall height of 8’. Unfinished wooden, cardboard, etc. panels must be painted or otherwise appropriately finished, if visible from other booths. No part of your display should spread outside of the recognized booth area. All coverings and drapes must be of fire-retardant materials.

11. Customs Information
Exhibitors from outside Canada should appoint a customs broker in Toronto for fast and efficient clearance of shipments. Under Canadian Exhibitor Tariff Item No. 981 and Customs Memorandum #D8-1-2, goods for exhibit are admitted free of duty and taxes subject to a refundable deposit equal to the amount of duty and other taxes normally payable.
Any and all customs clearance charges will be the responsibility of the exhibitor.

12. Internet Usage
Humber College offers “casual” complimentary wireless high speed internet access in all meeting rooms and pre function space.

13. Use of Live Animals
No animals are allowed in the Exhibit Hall unless prior approval is granted by show management. If your exhibit space will have live animals, please request the guidelines and Live Animals Declaration Form.

14. Endorsement
STAO/APSO rents exhibit space to businesses whose goods and services support the mission of STAO/APSO. Entering into a rental agreement with an exhibitor does not constitute endorsement by STAO/APSO in any way.