The Coleopterists Society Youth Incentive Award Program 2022

Submitted by Michael Frankfort @mfrank_76

The Coleopterists Society Youth Incentive Award Program 2022

From David G. Furth, Ph.D., Chair of The Coleopterists Society Youth Incentive Award Committee

The Coleopterists Society, an international organization of professionals and hobbyists interested in the study of beetles, has established a program to recognize young people studying beetles. The Society has pledged to provide up to $1200 each year for the Youth Incentive Award Program. Each of the two awards (Junior and Senior) will receive a monetary grant of $400 and $600, respectively. This is for students of grades 7-12 only.

The objectives of the Youth Incentive Award are to:

  • provide encouragement and assistance to young beetle enthusiasts (grades 7-12).
  • promote the study of beetles, the most diverse group of insects, as a rewarding lifelong avocation or career.
  • provide opportunities for young people to develop important life skills such as leadership, cooperation, communication, planning and conducting a scientific study, grant writing and managing funds.
  • provide some financial support to enrich activities or projects.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please feel free to contact me David: Entomology, NHB, MRC 165; P.O. Box 37012; Smithsonian Institution; Washington, D. C. 20013-7012 or by phone (202-633-0990), FAX (202-786-2894), or Email (  Also, please look at the Web Page of The Coleopterists Society

This is an ongoing program, so even if you are not currently directly involved with youth science education or state science/biology education programs.