‘Circular Explorer’ starts journey to protect the ocean – submitted by Amy Gorecki

circular explorerFor those who are teaching about sustainability, recycling, renewable energy, and/or plastics, you might be interested in the Circular Explorer’s journey to clean plastics from the ocean. The Holcim website (who are part of the team behind the Circular Explorer) offer additional facts and figures around the catamaran itself and the work it is doing (https://www.holcim.com/sites/holcim/files/circular-economy/index.html#thecircularexplorer).


Another great link for educators to consider is to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (https://sdgs.un.org/goals). Goal 12: Responsible Consumption & Production and Goal 14: Life Below Water stand out for me as being very direct links. I think this could serve as a jumping off point for science discussions and activities at many grade levels and I hope this sparks a lesson or exploration for some of you!