This activity was a problem-based learning project where students choose cases for context, determined the problem, researched and then shared or presented their learning to the class.

Their projects included:

  • sharing their learning about specific cell specialization (example the circulatory system and types of specialized cells needed to meets its needs for form and function)
  • student-designed microscope specialized cell comparison
  • student-designed dissection inquiry
  • ethics component – releated to their specific case study
  • medical technology connections related to their specific case study


Before we started the unit we read this article on problem-based learning and collaboratively created a list of questions to ask a med student from McMaster Univeristy Medical School. My students also answered these questions. The questions students formulated were answered when our class Skyped a med student from McMaster (we simply emailed the med school to get in contact with someone willing to do this). This helped students make connections between problem-based learning in and out of high school.

At the end of the unit, students created review notes on the major concepts and used this to study from as needed.

This activity is part of STAO’s Connex series.  For more details about this activity, including all you need to use it in your classroom go to the STAO Connex page…