Four Black History Month ideas

Black History Month Ideas – submitted by Leila Knetsch

Here are a couple of videos to consider for Black History Month (or any month).  My student teacher (Ronilea Burdeos) from last year created a series of Minds On pieces which she linked together.  I noticed the channel that she used was Black History in 2 min – it was a good launching pad for discussion.

1) Periodic table of Canadian Black History – tweeted out by ParentsforDiversity (@Parents4Diverse1) – it’s a cool periodic table where you hover of the different elements to see different history pieces.

2) Tuskegee experiment 2 min video- a group of African-American men were followed for many years without treatment for syphilis (they were promised free medical treatment), which continued after a treatment was found.


2) The Story of Henrietta Lacks (2 min video) – every science undergrad works with HeLa cells, which were taken from an African American woman without her cosent when she had an aggressive type of cancer.  Her cells were taken and  propagated, bought and sold and not a cent went to her family.

3) Here is a 10 minute career video of a medical illustrator, Ni-Ka Ford.  Here is the previous blog post that showcases her work.