BETTER LAB REPORTS THROUGH PEER ASSESSMENT USING PEERGRADE.IO – submitted by LAURA WODLINGER is a free website that allows teachers to provide a rubric for students to use assess peer assignments. The website allows teachers to see student assignments and the feedback they provide to their peers, while keeping everything anonymous for the students.

Tool Highlights:

  • Free
  • Easy to Use, excellent help page, live assistance on call
  • Can be used with or without student accounts
  • Anonymous peer assessment avoids “friendship marking”
  • Improves student metacognition/critical thinking/self-reflection skills
  • Allows students to feel part of the assessment process instead of victims of it
  • Students can’t receive feedback on their own work until they finish their peer assessment

Click here to go the complete resource.  

This resource is part of STAO’s Technology Enabled Learning Collection.  

Thanks Laura!!!!!!!