A Day in the Life – University of Guelph student videos

Career videos – submitted by Leila Knetsch

Are you trying to show your students a variety of careers relating to your Science class?  I searched the University of Guelph website trying to find a career connection to a photosynthesis lesson (relates to Grade 9 Ecology as well as the Grade 12 Metabolism Unit).  I searched the Food Science section of the website and was pleased to find a former student of mine listed!  I connected with her on LinkedIn and she did a virtual visit to my class last year!  Aside from my virtual visit, I asked students to explore the website, that has short videos that are a Day in the Life for some Undergraduate students as well as Graduate students.   Check it out!  A day in the Life videos 

Of particular interest was the profile of International student E’layna Baker (she is from the Bahamas), who was an OAC blogger and developed this part of the site very well.  Her major is called FARE (Food, Agriculture & Resource Economics) and she details what drew her into the program, what she got out of her internship, what supports International students have, etc.  I think that the University of Guelph really added something to the information given by having many student perspectives with people from different majors.   Check out her part of the blog.