Know Brainers – I held up over 900 lbs with popsicle sticks

Submitted by Michael Frankfort @mfrank_76

Know Brainers – I held up over 900 lbs with popsicle sticks

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I, Matt Nethersole, professional theatre-person, go undercover to beat engineers at their own game – popsicle stick bridge contests. Every year, teachers try to trick their students into liking engineering with popsicle stick bridge competitions. So I do my best to find out what it takes for the non-science inclined to take home the glory (and prize money). Working with professors and engineers from Mohawk College, I learn how to make a simple, but incredibly strong bridge using just popsicle sticks, white glue, rudimentary physics, and a little technique. Will my bridge survive The Crusher? (Of course not, it’s called The Crusher for a reason). But watch anyway to discover my journey from crumbly, amateur glitter bridge to load-bearing beast. Oh, and I also drive a car over it because what else are you going to do with a popsicle stick bridge?

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