2021 Desjardins Tech Donation Program

Tech Donation Program

Are you a teacher or principal of a K-12 public school with students in need of computers or other technological tools to heighten their in-school and distance learning success?

Apply now to the Desjardins Tech Donation Program!

What is the Desjardins Tech Donation Program?

Desjardins is back this year with its tech donation program in collaboration with the EdCan Network for K-12 public schools across Canada in response to the immediate student needs created by the ongoing pandemic.

Desjardins is once again donating a total of $100,000 ($5,000 to 20 schools across Canada) for students in need of computers and other tech-based tools.

Who can apply and how?

Applicants must be teachers and principals from K-12 public education systems in Canada.

To apply for a donation, participants must complete an application form and submit it before the November 19, 2021 application deadline.
The application must include a brief summary (300 words maximum) explaining why your students/classroom/school needs this donation, a letter of support from the principal of the school, as well as an outline of the proposed use of funds.