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Science Related Organizations

Space Related Sites


Course Profiles

  • Curriculum Services Canada
    OCC evaluates learning resources, encourages the development of new resources, and provides support services. We work with senior educators and curriculum advisors to develop evaluation standards that accurately reflect Ontario's ever-evolving curriculum policies and education goals.


  • The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10:
    Science, 1999 will be implemented in Ontario secondary schools starting in September 1999 for students in Grade 9 and in September 2000 for students in Grade 10. This document replaces the sections in The Common Curriculum: Policies and Outcomes, Grades 1–9, 1995 that relate to science in Grade 9, and to the parts of the following curriculum guidelines that relate to Grade 10.

Elementary Focused Sites

  • Yahooligans for kids
    The newest web guide for kids
  • The Electronic Zoo
  • The Canadian Kids Homepage
    It is meant as a jumping in point for teachers and students, and parents and children exploring the Web together.
  • Tele Garden
  • Green Street
    The Program links schools in Canada to reputable Environmental Education organizations across the country.
  • Ontario Parks
    Have fun while you explore the site and learn about environmental protection, plants and wildlife and Ontario's magnificent provincial parks.

Senior Science

  • Grades 11 and 12 Curriculum
    Information from the Ontario Ministry of Education
  • Insectopedia
    Learn about insects.
  • The Heart, An Online Exploration
    From the moment it begins beating until the moment it stops, the human heart works tirelessly.
  • National Geophysical Data Centre
    NGDC provides scientific stewardship, products and services for geophysical data describing the solid earth, marine, and solar-terrestrial environment, as well as earth observations from space.
  • Wildlife Education
    Raising awareness of the impacts of human activities on the environment, promoting the sustainable use of our natural resources, conducting and sponsoring research relating to wildlife and the environment , and recommending legislative changes to protect wildlife and its habitat.
  • Electric Motor Website
    This website offers a “guided tour” of the project, complete with construction tips, organizational information, useful InterNet links, downloadable instructions properly formatted for printing, and a limited Email support option.
  • Atomic Energy Canada Limited
    AECL is a global nuclear technology and engineering company that designs and develops the CANDU® nuclear power reactor.
    Field Guides, Park Finder, Hints and Tips
  • Earthguide
    An interactive and easy-to-use educational resource about Earth, oceans and the environment.
  • Astronomy and the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve
    Haliburton Forest specializes in outdoor education seminars and workshops.
  • Food Safety Network

Museum Related Sites