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STAO Microscale Science Project


In science, hands-on activities are always desirable, particularly when these are real time, actual experimentation, not just virtual simulations. This conflicts with our current reality: budget cuts; safety concerns in overcrowded classes; other demands on teacher... read more

Chemical Spills


It is the responsibility of all those working in a laboratory to be aware of potential hazards and to prevent them from becoming accidents. However, whenever chemicals are in use, there is a danger of spillage. A well-organized science program will have available a... read more

Contact Lens Safety In The Science Classroom


A relatively large fraction of the Canadian population requires corrective lenses to obtain optimal vision. While many of these individuals choose to wear eyeglasses, an increasing number are being fitted with contact lenses. The recent technological advances in the... read more

Laboratory Safety


The techniques of Science teaching have changed from lectures and demonstrations to those involving a significant amount of “hands on” activities. This is reflected in the new curriculum, which even mandates that certain experiments be carried out. As a... read more

Laser Safety In The Science Classroom


Like many other technological developments of the twentieth century, the laser has moved rapidly from the scientific research laboratory to widespread use in everyday life. It is possible to design a laser for virtually any wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum... read more