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Safety Q and A: Two Exits on a Lab


We have a new lab that will be shared by physics and chemistry (Grades 11 & 12). The lab has two doors. The front door is used for access and the rear door is permanently locked and the key is held by the administration. We have requested that the rear door be... read more

Safety Q and A: Iodine


What are the safety issues regarding the use of diluted iodine in the science laboratory? Do you have any specific recommendations or do you know where I can find additional safety information other than that which is found in Be... read more

Safety Q and A: Kits and Safety


Some teachers in my department want to store chemicals in kits in their rooms with no labels or concentrations etc. No one will support or believe me that this is not appropriate. As a Department Head, responsible for providing leadership in health and safety, I need... read more