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Request for Proposal

Website Manager

(NOTE: You can download a Word version of this document here.)


Part A: About STAO


The Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario (STAO) is the professional association of about 1800 teachers of science. Members include teacher candidates in Faculties of Education, teachers in the elementary, secondary, and post-secondary panels.


Vision of STAO: to be the leading voice of science educators in the province of Ontario.

Mission of STAO:  encouraging excellence in Science education through leadership and service.


STAO maintains a website,, running on Joomla application. The website contains the following key elements:

  • Joomla Version 3.6
  • Custom Conference speaker session manager and conference schedule display application running under Joomla
  • Purchased Joomla application programs: eShop, Membership Pro, and Event Booking
  • A 3000+ document resource library with public and member-only categories running under Joomla EDocman and Joomla Weblink structures
  • A specially developed teacher resource sharing application running under Drupal


Part B: About This Request


STAO requires a professional manager to drive the STAO website as a strategic advantage and key component of the organization’s growth.  The technical complexity of the website, the technical skill required to understand and improve it, and the time to manage and support it has surpassed the capabilities of volunteers to fill this role.

This person must be able to work at the operational level, monitoring and developing solutions related to, for example, performance that could involve selecting and converting to alternative server providers or making significant performance enhancements to our website. Nothing gives perspective and credibility as much as being involved in the daily operation and problem solving related to the website operations. STAO is a volunteer driven organization with limited paid support staff. Thus, an important part of the role will be employing the ability to work with volunteers.

B1:  Current Environment:

The current website co-chairs manage a small group of volunteers (mostly retired teachers who have the time to dedicate to this activity) and get technical support from consultants and website service organizations as required. The website is mostly Joomla based, supporting conference speaker proposal and session scheduling and display applications, conference registration, membership, and a STAO store application. Some non-Joomla applications run in parallel, the main one being a highly interactive teaching resource focused on developing and sharing resources across many media platforms.

B2:  Responsibilities:

1.        The basic responsibility of the Website Manager is to take over management and modification responsibilities of the STAO website, working in conjunction with the Website Committee.

2.       The Manager would advise the committee of the strategies required to make the website state-of-the-art and appealing. The Manager will discuss the changes required to achieve this with the committee members, and then modify the website as per the decision(s) reached between the Manager and the committee members. 

3.       The Manager would take guidance from the Website Committee members for the changes required for STAO operations and the annual Conference and make those changes accordingly.

4.       As the changes required for the above will be time sensitive in nature, the Manager will make those changes in a timely fashion.

5.       In addition, from an operation perspective when there are website issues, this is the person who would be expected to resolve them, or coordinate the resolution of the issues, utilizing the resources of the Website Committee or specialized contract resources as required.

6.       This person would be expected to manage the financial budget process, working in conjunction with the Website Committee, including the preparation of the annual budget, and monitoring its implementation.

B3:  Skills Required:

The skills required are:

1.       Knowledge of website technology, specifically

a.        HTML

b.       php

c.        Joomla

d.       Joomla Application Programs (Membership Pro, eShop, Event Manager)

e.        Google Analytics

2.       Ability to coordinate activities of volunteers, consultants, and service organizations

3.       Ability to work effectively with users needing guidance for problem resolution and application development

4.       Ability to effectively deal with STAO executives

5.       Ability to manage financial budgetary requirements

B4:  Hours Required:

We estimate that initially this role will take 10 to 15 hours a week, with less during the summer, which is a low activity period for the website. Hours required depends somewhat on requests for new website functionality which is hard to predict.

B5: Term of the Agreement

The successful bidder will enter into an agreement with STAO for a period of one year. After completion of a performance review, the contract may be extended or amended by mutual agreement.


Part C: Instruction to Bidders


Bidders are requested to provide a bid that includes, as a minimum, the following:

a)       a list of past and current experiences that relate to the needs of STAO as outlined in this proposal,

b)       URLs that direct the search committee to websites that have been developed and or maintained by the bidder,

c)       confirmation of competence in the skills listed in B3, above,

d)       an hourly rate that would be charged for services provided. Any taxes applicable to the bid will be itemized.



Part D: General Information


1. Additional information about this Request for Proposal can be obtained from:

                Paul Weese,

                Executive Assistant,

                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                519 359 7271


3.  Bids can be submitted electronically to the following email address or by mail or courier to:

                by email:

                                This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


                by mail or courier:

                                Box 771,

                                900 Lorne Avenue,

                                Dresden, ON  N0P 1M0


4.  The latest date to receive your bid is the close of business, September 1, 2017.


5. STAO reserves the right to accept or reject any, all or part of any bid received.