STAO’s new online Safety Mindedness resource conveys the importance of creating a culture of safety mindedness in Science (Grades 9–12) and Science and Technology (Grades K–8) classrooms.

Safety Mindedness for Science and Technology (Grades K-8)

Safety Mindedness for Science (Grades 9-12)

The STAO Safety Mindedness program is an interactive online training program to train teachers on common safety-related issues in a typical Science (Grades 9–12) and Science and Technology (Grades K–8) programs. 

Each version consists of eight modules:

  1. Classroom Management
  2. Identifying Hazards
  3. Assess the Risks
  4. Safer Activities for All
  5. Safety Planning: PPE
  6. Safety Planning: Policies and Standards
  7. Safety Planning: Types of Hazards
  8. Act Safely

Each module contains short videos, images, reflective questions, and assessments to inform and engage teachers.  Use these modules individually or in groups to broaden your safety mindedness.  Module highlights include: 

Module 1. Classroom Management

Hints and suggestions for effective classroom management, considered to be critical if teachers are to provide students with a safe environment for hands-on activities, are included in this module.

Module 4. Safer Activities for All

This module encourages teachers to adopt best practices to engage the wide range of learners, including those with special education needs, in hands-on activities. These practices help make hands-on activities more inclusive for all students regardless of their learning needs. For example, some sample accommodations for English Language Learners are illustrated.

Modules 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8

These modules are organized according to the five steps of STAO’s Safety Planning Framework:

  • Identify the Hazards
  • Assess the Risks
  • Make Safety Plans
  • Act Safely
  • Reflect, Revise, and Report

In these modules, teachers are provided with specific examples of what is involved in planning and carrying out some of the hands-on activities and teacher demonstrations while minimizing risk for all of their students.  The fundamental approach to these modules is controlling the hazards in activities so as to keep their risk to an acceptable level.  

Additional STAO Safety resources referenced in the Safety Mindedness program and available through the STAOStore:

Safety in Elementary Science and Technology

This 109 page resource is the result of a partnership with TDSB. It was written by teachers for teachers and administrators, to provide guidance for the safe delivery of hands-on science and technology programs to students. The planning framework used throughout the resource helps teachers to identify hazards, assess risks and make safety plans. If you want a single reference source for dealing with safety in the elementary classroom, this is the one for you.

Safe ON Science

Safe ON Science is STAO/APSO's newest safety resource for high school teachers. It is written by STAO/APSO's Safety Committee, a panel of experienced teachers with a strong background in science safety. Topics include legislation, general safety considerations, emergency procedures, classroom considerations and specific considerations for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Find out why several school boards in Ontario rely on Safe ON Science as a core safety resource for their teachers.