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Plan Your Submission

Share your great ideas! The strength of a conference is its presenters. As a professional, you have much to share with colleagues. You will learn and grow from the experience of presenting. Also, school administrators will often support a teacher who has been chosen to present at a provincial conference. So go ahead, submit a proposal!

STAO2014, November 13, 14 and 15, 2014
The International Plaza Hotel, Toronto.

The deadline for proposal submission is Tuesday, April 1, 2014
(Notice: The deadline has been extended to Monday, April 7, 2014)

The following information will help you complete the form as quickly as possible:

  1. Review the STAO2014 Theme.
  2. Please think carefully about your Session Title. Your session title needs to sell your session to conference attendees. For many attendees, the session description may not be readily available when they are deciding which session to attend.
  3. Have your Session Proposal Abstract and Short Session Description ready to go. See Suggestions on How to Write a Successful Session Proposal for guidance preparing these items.
  4. Review the NEW strand information, in order to categorize your session correctly.
  5. Review the following important policies/guidelines to help you with your submission.
  6. Ensure you are using only original materials in your presentation, or have obtained permission to use materials by third parties.
  7. Note that when you submit your proposal, you will receive an automatically generated email with a program proposal ID number. Please reference this number in any correspondance with us.

  8. In submitting a proposal, you affirm full awareness and compliance with these policies/guidelines.

Email address:
(If you are on file, we will fill in your contact information for you.)

When ready..

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