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STAO2015 Final

STAO2015, November 12 to 14, 2015 at the Plaza International Hotel, Toronto.


Come celebrate STAO’s 125th anniversary at this year’s annual conference from November 12 to14, 2015!   The STAO2015 preplanner  has been mailed to all schools and is available to download here.  You can view the online program for descriptions of each session here.  The annual conference is a great opportunity for self-directed professional learning, finding new resources and networking with science educators from across the province.  Register today from this website!

Please Note: Rooms may still be available at the hotel, but must be reserved by either calling the International Plaza Hotel at 1 416-244-1711 or by sending a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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More Quick Links to Conference Information:

  1. Download the STAO2015 Preplanner (3 meg+) or better, use  the Online Program to view the program schedule.
  2. View details on the 125th Anniversary Celebration (Saturday, November 14).
  3. Poster Session Submission
  4. Buy an Awards/Appreciation Dinner Ticket without Conference attendance (Friday, November 13).
  5. Download your Personal Session Planner and fill in the sessions you plan to attend.
  6. See what exhibitors have to offer you at the conference. Exhibitor Overview


Celebrating Science at STAO2015

Learn today – what you need, how you need to hear it! Stay on top of the game! 

You can count on compelling and relevant information, techniques, and resources to energize your instruction and invigorate your teaching career. This is the forum to start discussions about science education from the broadest perspective to the very specifics of skills and techniques that improve performance in the classroom. Plan now on attending STAO2015 in Toronto, November 12-14, 2015 at the International Plaza Hotel. There is no better way to learn about the latest science and education trends. Witness and experience the latest innovations in science teaching. 

NEW for STAO2015 - Daily Poster Sessions:

The 2015 Poster Sessions are a great opportunity to bring together educators in an informal way and location. It is intended to provide a chance for teachers to share ideas and resources. This time is for teachers by teachers. Teachers are invited to share their passion, ideas, best practice or lesson. More information to come on how to get involved!

STAO's 125th Anniversary:

STAO is celebrating the 125th anniversary of its founding. Join us to celebrate this milestone and discover the technologies and innovations that are driving science education into the future at the International Plaza Hotel, Toronto on Saturday, November 14 at 1:30 PM.

About our Conference Logo:

"What better way to celebrate an event than with fireworks! If you have ever been to a fireworks show at an amusement park, sporting event, or Canada Day celebration, then you know that fireworks seem to have a special and beautiful magic to them. Fireworks may seem magical but, in fact, we can thank science for their invention, which led me to the idea for this year’s logo. I thought, what better way to celebrate science than with a logo showing a display of fireworks surrounding the exploding words 'Celebrating Science'." (by Russell Grant, graphic designer)


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