How to Make a Broken-Line Graph in MS Excel


When we collect experimental data, we are not using the most accurate of equipment.  For this reason, we construct scatter-plots and draw lines of best fit when we are graphing data. 


When graphing counted data (for example, the number of dandelions in the football field over time), or when we are graphing data which has been provided with the assurance that it is very accurate, we will “connect the dots” and make a broken-line graph instead.


·                     Enter the data in Excel.  Make sure the independent variable is in the first column.

·                     Drag a box with the mouse to highlight the data, and then click the chart icon on the toolbar.

·                     Select XY (Scatter), and click on the bottom right chart-type, to show the data points connected by straight lines.


Line Callout 3 (No Border): “Connect the Dots” style graph, which shows the dots.


·                     Click “Next” to bring up the Chart Source Data window of the Chart Wizard.  Make sure your series are in columns, and that there is a line for each series.  A sample of what you might see in this window is on the next page.


·                     Click “Next” to bring up the Chart Options window of the Chart Wizard.  Enter the title and appropriate axis-labels.